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Why Get Treatment?

So you have pain… maybe it’s new or maybe you’ve been fighting it a while thinking that with a little more Ibuprofen it would just go away. Either way, we’ve got your back! You are apparently seeking help and thought a chiropractor might be a viable option (obviously or you wouldn’t be on the site… right?) So now that your sleep, work, school, hobbies, exercise and/or life is in serious struggle because of what ails you and all those over-the-counter medications aren’t doing the trick, maybe it’s time for some conservative care from a healthcare provider who is truly set on serving people and helping to ease pain and maximize function. If you’ve never been to a chiropractor, here’s what to expect from your first visit…

Dr. Wes and Dr. Dan are true diagnosticians and they aim to figure out what the problem(s) is so that together, you and your doctor can establish a clear plan of attack in the fight to get you well. Their examinations include a thorough investigation of your health history, your current problem(s) as well as an understanding of what your goals are in seeking treatment. The doctors perform examinations that include posture and movement analysis, muscle length/strength testing, orthopedic tests, palpation and movement evaluation of your spine and/or area of complaint. All of this generally takes about 40-60 minutes depending on the complexity of your problem. Before they treat (and yes, they usually treat same day), they take the time to illustrate to you what your issue is, what your treatment options are and how the healing can/will take place.

Dr. Wes and Dr. Dan have 3 main goals with your first treatment:

  1. To fully understand and narrow down your problem.
  2. To fully explain to you what you have going on and how it can be fixed.
  3. To deliver top notch therapy that will help you feel better and kick-start the healing process.
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